May ___, 2002
The Honorable (Full Name)
United States (Senate OR House of Representatives)
Washington, D.C. (Zip Code)

Dear (Senator OR Representative) (Last Name):

I am writing in regard to legislation that was recently introduced in the House and Senate that could have an adverse impact on my company, (Company Name), and our employees. The bill, the Syria Accountability Act of 2002 (H.R.4483 and S.2215), requires the President to impose economic and diplomatic sanctions that could prevent companies like ours from conducting business with Syria.

I believe that Americans and the U.S. business community would willingly make sacrifices to protect our national interests, and those of our close allies. However, it is difficult to see how a loss of U.S. trade and investment with Syria will provide a path to accomplish the bill's otherwise laudable objectives. It is abundantly clear that we would surrender business opportunities and jobs to foreign companies with little or no positive impact on America's foreign policy or security goals.

On behalf of (Company Name) and our employees who have benefited from commercial relations with Syria, I respectfully request you to support U.S. businesses and our broader interests in the Middle East by opposing the Syria Accountability Act of 2002.


Best Regards,



cc: Speaker of the House, J. Dennis Hastert
House Minority Leader, Richard A. Gephardt
Senate Majority Leader, Thomas A. Daschle
Senate Minority Leader, Trent Lott