free trade, unilateral and economic trade sanctions

USA*ENGAGE is a a broad-based coalition representing American business and agriculture. The coalition currently includes 670 members including 40 National and State Associations and organizations from major sectors of the US economy.

agriculture * telecommunications * information technology * machine tools * mining and metals * consumer electronics * chemicals * pipeline * drilling equipment * construction equipment * banking * insurance * aerospace * accounting * oil and gas * food and beverage * photographic * engineering * steel * auto * furniture * rubber * semiconductor * entertainment * retail * solar energy * insurance * pharmaceutical

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AAA Personnel Agency, Inc.
ABB, Inc.
Absecon Mills Inc.
Acme Abrasive Co.
Acme Foundry, Inc.
Adair & Associates, Inc.
Advance Tank & Construction Inc.
Advanced Cast Products, Inc.
Advanced Computer Concepts
Advanced Information Services Inc.
Advanced Technology Services, Inc.
Aerospace Industries Association
Aetna Life & Casualty
Agribusiness Association of Iowa
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute
Air-Way Manufacturing Company
ALL Cargo Logistics, Ltd.
Allaby & Brewbaker, Inc.
Allergan, Inc.
AlliedSignal, Inc.
Allmand Bros., Inc.
Alpha Tool & Supply, Inc.
Alpine Electronics
Altec International
Altronic Research, Inc.
American Association of Exporters & Importers
American Electronics Association
American Express Company
American Farm Bureau Federation
American Foods Group
American Institute of Small Business
American International Group
American Iron & Steel Institute
American Petroleum Institute
American Pipe Fab., Inc.
American Plastics, Inc.
American Soybean Association
Amoco Corporation
AMP, Inc.
Anadarko Petroleum Corp.
ANC International, Inc.
Anco Industries Inc.
Andersen Worldwide
Apex Plastic Industries, Inc.
Apogee Designs, Ltd.
Apothecary Products, Inc.
Apple Computer, Inc.
Aquatics Unlimited, Inc.
Arakis Energy Corporation
ARCO Chemical Company
Arcon Manufacturing, Inc.
Ariel Corporation
Arjay Management Inc.
Armite Laboratories, Inc.
Armstrong World Industries
Associated General Contractors of America
Associated Industries of Missouri
Association of Iranian American Professionals (AIAP)
AST Inc.
Atlas Industrial Manufacturing Company
Autocon Technologies
Baker Hughes, Inc.
Bando Manufacturing of America, Inc.
Bank of Boston Corporation
The Bank of New York
BankAmerica Corporation
Banner Fibreboard Company
Al Barrera Corporation
Baxter International, Inc.
Bayou City Ford Truck Sales
Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce
Bechtel Group, Inc.
Behlen Manufacturing Company
Bemiss-Jason Corporation
Bergquist Imports
Bertram Insurance Service, Inc.
Besly Products Corporation
Bethlehem Steel Corporation
BFC Industries
BF Goodrich
BHP Company, Ltd.
BIW Connector Systems, Inc.
BJ Services Company
Black & Veatch
Black Diamond Corporation
Blackhawk Foundry & Machine Company
Blazer Industries, Inc.
The Boeing Company
Boericke & Tafel
Boise Area Chamber of Commerce
BP America
Bradfield's Computer Supply
Brauer Aerospace Products, Inc.
Brillion Iron Works, Inc.
Bristol Piping Systems
Broadcast Electronics, Inc.
Brockway-Smith Company
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation
Brown Tank & Steel
Brown-Forman Corporation
Bullen Pump & Equipment
Business Council of Alabama
Business Council of New York
The Business Roundtable
W. J. Byrnes & Company
C&C Export-Import / J. Clarke Customs House
California Chamber of Commerce
California Council for International Trade
Calix Oil Co.
Caltex Petroleum
Capitol Exchange Corporation
Carboline Company
Cargill, Inc.
Carnisco International Express
Carter Paper & Packaging, Inc.
Casey Products, Inc.
Caterpillar, Inc.
Cattron International Ltd.
Cavalier Homes, Inc.
CDI Corporation
CEK Inc. Consulting Engineers
Central Soya Company & Cerestar USA
Challenge Air Congo, Inc.
Chase Manhattan Bank
Chemical Cleaning, Inc.
Chemical Manufacturers Association
Chemtool, Inc.
Chevron Corporation
The Chubb Corporation
Circus Distribution, Inc.
Citation Corporation
Clarklift of San Diego, Inc.
Clement Industries, Inc.
The Clorox Company
Clovis Chamber of Commerce
The Cly-Del Manufacturing Company
CMI Corporation
CNF Industries, Inc.
Coastal Corporation
The Coca-Cola Company
Colgate-Palmolive Company
Colorado Dental Association
Columbian Steel Tank Company
Commerce & Industry Association of New Jersey
Commercial Bank of San Francisco
Commercial Forged Products
Commonwealth Scientific Corporation
Compaq Computer Corporation
Computer & Communications Industry Association
ConAgra, Inc.
Confederate Steel Corporation
Connecticut World Trade Association
Conoco, Inc.
Construction Industry Manufacturers Association
Consumers for World Trade
Cooley, Inc.
Corporate Council on Africa
Coyne's & Company
Crafco, Inc.
Cranston Machinery Company, Inc.
Crowley Associates
Curtis Dyna-Fog Ltd.
Dalton Corporation
Daimler-Chrysler, Inc.
Dana Corporation
L.A. Darling Company
Datrek Pro Bags, Inc.
Davis Elliott Ind.
Dawson International, Inc.
Dean Foods Company
Deal's Export and Licensing Services (DEALS)
Decatur Custom Tool, Inc.
Deere & Company
DEL Liftgates, Inc.
DeYoung Farms
Diamond V Mills, Inc.
Diebold, Inc.
Dietamax Freight System
Digital Equipment Corporation
R.K. Dixon & Company
Doron Precision Systems, Inc.
Double A Feeders
The Dow Chemical Company
Drive Train Industries
DSC Communications Corporation
Dubuque Stamping & Manufacturing. Inc.
E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
EA Engineering, Science & Technology
Eastern Alloys, Inc.
Eastman Kodak Company
Eaton Bank
EBW, Inc.
Martin K. Eby Construction Company, Inc.
Eclipse, Inc.
Edison Price Lighting, Inc.
EDS Corporation.
Edwards Valves, Inc.
El Campo Sheet Metal Works, Inc.
Elan International, Inc..
Elcor Corporation
Electromagnetic Sciences, Inc.
Electronic Industries Alliance
Emergency Committee for American Trade
Emerson Electric Company
EMF Corporation
Harry B. Endsley and Associates
Engineering Equipment Co.
Engman-Taylor Company, Inc.
Enron Corporation
Environmental Export Council
Epsco Int. Inc.
Ericsson Inc.
European-American Business Council
European-American Chamber of Commerce
Exhibit Builder Magazine
Export Assist, Inc.
Export Packaging Company, Inc.
Export Procedures Company
Exxon Corporation

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