free trade, unilateral and economic trade sanctions

The coalition was officially launched on April 16th, 1997. This page includes a transcript and photos from the press conference.

USA*ENGAGE is a broad-based coalition representing American business and agriculture. The coalition currently includes 674 members including 40 National and State Associations and organizations from major sectors of the US economy.
US economic strength is integral to our nation's security and worldwide leadership. In an integrated, globalized economy, positive US economic engagement -- including the ability of American farmers, workers and businesses to compete in emerging markets -- is central to our own economic prosperity and to the worldwide growth of democracy, freedom, and human rights.
America's values and interests are best advanced by sustained involvement in world affairs by both the public and private sectors.

The United States should promote engagement and establish a standard of accountability for sanctions.

Sanctions Watch List
Position Papers & Studies
Map of Countries Subject to US Unilateral Sanctions
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The Media Brief section of the USA*ENGAGE Web Site is designed to provide the media access to key documents.

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